The Adventures Of: Record Keeping for Game Masters RELEASE!

Oh boy howdy, it’s that time again!

That’s right! I just published another book! ‘The Adventures Of’ is a journal designed to help you record your tabletop RPG games! It’s 195 totally illustrated pages, with room for up to 10 Players and 52 campaigns (so weekly groups can document their campaigns over the course of a year! (but let’s be honest who on earth can get their group together that often amiright))

There are also places to record all your critical rolls, character “deaths”, major and minor NPCs (cus god knows I can’t keep everyone straight), towns and notable locations like dungeons or pirate coves or whatever, and a big ol’ epilogue section where each player can detail what happened to their character after the events of the adventure!

I really like the idea of climbing into my attic as an old woman and finding like, ten of these bad boys crammed full of notes and memories of old adventures. :.)

Thank you so much for reading! <3 The Adventures Of is available on Amazon!